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Equal Employment Opportunity
Equal Employment
Opportunity (EEO)
Journey Early Learning supports the following Equal Employment Opportunity programs:
Cultural Diversity Cultural Diversity
Diversity Diversity
Equal opportunities programs Equal opportunities programs
Internship programs Internship programs
LGBTI Support LGBTI Support
Mature age worker support Mature age worker support
Young workers programs Young workers programs
About Journey Early Learning
At Journey Early Learning, we aim to create an environment that is safe, secure and homely; where everyone feels welcome. Our future is one filled with endless possibilities and growth opportunities, and together, we’ve developed an educational approach that is inspiring, stimulating and encouraging. 

When it comes to early learning, our educators have a vital role to play. Journey educators are passionate, considerate, educated, inspirational and welcoming. Our educators understand that learning is a journey and enjoy developing deeper connections with children, families and the wider community. 

Every educator is provided with professional development and a customised professional development plan. For parents, the quality of educators is one of, if not the most important consideration — that's why continually empower all Journey people to do their job to the best of their ability.

Every journey has to begin somewhere, and yours begins right here.
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